About us

About Us:

Brocade Educational Consultancy provides Admission and Visa counselling to students aspiring to study abroad at International Universities. Holding more than 15 years of experience in handling students and contacts with Universities, we are able to provide students the right course choice, university and country option suiting their area of interest, academic background, eligibility and affordability. A thorough report on the profile of the student is made before screening the courses and universities they are eligible for. The choice is then discussed with the students and parents to ensure absolute satisfaction to the needs of the students. Students are also enlightened about the prospects and scope of the course they have been offered, pros and cons involved in the choices and the students are given the right to decide. We act as a runway to help the students succeed in achieving their ambitions in the prestigious universities.


We provide training for GRE, TOEFL, SAT and GMAT

We are proudly associated with Educational Testing Service (ETS) through their Indian associate Wizfinity Edu Solutions. Our objective is to enlighten students about the merits of GRE and TOEFL examinations and we also provide them free materials to support their preparation. We conduct seminars and share tips on how to score in these examinations.

Based on these standards, we also provide classes to students for GRE, TOEFL examinations. Initially, the level of the candidate is assessed and they are trained according to ETS standards and methodology, enabling them to perform well in the examinations. Since, their admission into universities is based on these scores, we ensure that utmost care is being taken to provide them with good training and course materials. Mock tests are also given to make an assessment before appearing for the examination. A team of well qualified faculties and academicians who are trained by ETS are appointed to conduct classes.

Why should a student go abroad for higher education?

Today, education is a very important asset any parent has to give their children. The foundation laid today is to build an empire that should stand for ages. The foundation has to be strong to withstand competition and to be successful in the professional career of any student. Also, parents are interested in giving good quality education to their children within their affordability.

International education exposes students to different cultures, people, life styles, advanced technology, varied course specialisations, research options, assistantships and funding, ample career opportunities and moreover international qualification that is recognised worldwide.

For example, Universities in the United States are very good in engineering, technology, management, science related courses with latest concepts. Also, the course specialisations offered here are very unique.

United Kingdom, offers wide range of courses in management and engineering. France, one of the largest countries offering good scope for higher education next to US and UK in the fields of Management, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The courses offered here are with compulsory internships and French language is offered free of cost for students studying here. Germany, the most desired country by students opting for studies in Automobile, Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering. Options are plenty, but knowledge of German language is a must. Similarly, each country has its own advantages and specialities to offer the students. Making the right choice of destination is very important to every student.

Hence, care is taken to give the spread of choices to each and every student. Every student has his or her own right to study and succeed in life.

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